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Launched in 2016, this natural haircare brand sells high-quality, clean products for textured hair. The owners were inspired by do-it-yourself concoctions and made a product line designed to be mixed and matched into a personalized regimen based on individuals’ haircare needs. The target audience is African American females aged 25-35, and the brand has developed a loyal following through word-of-mouth growth, social media, and paid advertising.

Retail accounts for 55% of sales, and 45% of sales are direct to customer on their website. They have ongoing relationships with major retailers and opportunities for further retail expansion. The majority of website traffic is from organic searches. They have a 34% returning customer rate, which speaks to the quality and demand for their products.

Founded by a husband-and-wife duo, the brand has a great story and foundation for future success. The owners are also real estate investors and recently welcomed their second child; they are burned out. A lack of focus and investment in the brand has led to declining sales, and direct-to-customer fulfillment will need to be outsourced by the buyer. However, a solid foundation has been built in the brand, and there are many opportunities to grow the business that are low-hanging fruit.

Amazon represents one of the biggest opportunities; while they have a presence on Amazon, it has not been a focus and could use attention. A subscription option could be added to the website to increase repeat purchases. The website currently has a quiz that gathers data on their customers’ hair needs; this can be used to guide future product development. Or, there are opportunities to expand further in retail. The owners will happily train the buyer and ideally would like to stay involved in a consulting or advisory role with the business going forward.

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