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Started in 2013, this company sells a line of commercial-grade bathroom products that have a strong recurring revenue aspect. The business was run by its founder until he passed away in March 2022, leaving his wife to try and run the business. Not having an entrepreneurial spirit herself, nor an online business background, she’s decided to sell the business so that someone else can carry on where her husband left off.

The products have a proprietary dispenser and cartridge system that creates the need to buy refills on a regular basis. With a significant presence in the restaurant and hospitality industry, the company took a big hit due to Covid and the subsequent passing of the owner. However, sales have been improving at over a 50% growth rate and are on a trajectory to return to pre-March 2020 sales levels.

The majority of sales are B2B, with about 80% coming directly through their website and the other 20% coming in through Amazon. The business currently does no marketing and generates most of its sales through word of mouth among business owners and managers. Over 80% of website traffic is from organic search. With a strong core business, a good operator should be able to apply general marketing techniques to grow the business significantly, including PPC, email marketing, or even things as basic as reaching out to past customers who stopped purchasing when Covid hit. Another opportunity is to work with distributors who have existing relationships with business owners.

Orders are currently fulfilled through an in-house warehouse, but fulfillment could be easily outsourced. Operations and shipping are managed by two employees who are open to transitioning with the business. The existing warehouse could be leased to the new owner if desired.

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