5+ Year Old Food Membership Website With 600 Original Meal Prep Recipes

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Launched in June 2016, this membership website in the food niche provides 600 original meal-prep recipes alongside a custom meal-planning and grocery tool.

The recipes are healthy but intentionally do not include calorie counts or focus on a particular diet. Instead, the time- and money-saving attributes are emphasized over the health benefits.

Roughly 85% of all revenue comes from the subscription component of the business, with the bulk of the remainder split between brand collaborations (7%) and AdThrive (6%). The remaining revenue comes via YouTube, affiliates, and random projects.

The owner is looking to sell the business in order to move on to new opportunities such as consulting, starting a new business, or taking a more traditional job.

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Chris Guthrie

Chris Guthrie has a decade of experience in building, buying, and selling online businesses across numerous industries. Chris has experience with building and buying content websites monetized via advertising and affiliate marketing, partnering with developers to create a SaaS business as well as creating WordPress plugins and themes, selling physical products on Amazon and more.

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