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Launched in 2018, this gardening supply company is experiencing explosive growth with a 27% increase in YoY revenue.

Amazon makes up 89% of sales, with the balance from the direct site, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Faire, and wholesale. The top-selling SKU, which is trademarked, brings in 54% of revenue.

The current owner started this business as an extension of her own gardening hobby. As an orchid keeper, she found that the available products for her needs were all overly expensive or difficult to use. After researching and experimenting with different formulas, she found success with the current products offered and continues to add 6–8 new items each year. One such product has already had a formula developed and is ready for next steps with the current manufacturer.

With 96% of sales currently coming from the US, there is plenty of room for growth by expanding internationally, starting with Canada, Europe, and Australia. Continuing to add new products, such as bioactive soil and specialized pots, will also help to increase revenue. Creating new content for use on Amazon and on social media channels would increase brand recognition, traffic, and sales. Taking advantage of the email list with marketing campaigns is another way to boost sales.

The current owner spends about 10 hours per week operating the business. Inventory is split, with 20% at Amazon FBA and 80% at 3PLs; the latter can easily be shipped to Amazon or to a new location. The owner is committed to a smooth transition and will happily offer full training and support.

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Meet Your Advisor

Pat Yates

Pat is a seasoned entrepreneur with a focus on e-commerce.  In 2014 he struck a deal with Robert Herjavec on the Emmy Award winning show “Shark Tank”.  Pat grew a single slipper kiosk business into a multi-million dollar e-commerce focused business.  During that time Pat has done licensing deals with DreamWorks, NCAA, NFL and Disney.  In 2015 he struck up a relationship with Mark the founder of Quiet Light and continued eventually leading him to becoming an advisor.

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