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Launched in 2019, this trademarked Amazon FBA home decor brand specializes in high-quality and uniquely designed products for personal uses in almost any room in your home as well as popular gifts related to weddings, graduations, memorials, keepsakes, and anyone looking to display cherished memories, adding that little something special to any space.

Targeted at the higher end of the market, each product is designed with a quality-first mentality as the products use higher-quality materials than the competition. This enables the brand to command a much higher price point. Customers rave about how much their home decor is instantly improved by this product line. This is evident by their over 2,000 Amazon reviews with a 4.7-star rating average.

Dominated by the Amazon marketplace, 97% of sales come from Amazon (primarily Amazon US) while the remaining sales come from Etsy. The brand consists of 10 unique children SKUs. The top SKU accounts for about 30% of sales and no other SKU accounts for more than 15% of sales. The top three SKUs, which have consistently been the top sellers for the company, contribute about 55% of sales. There are three main parent SKUs. The top parent SKU accounts for about 75% of sales.

The seller has recently taken a new job, as well as moved to a new city, and so is placing their focus elsewhere. The current operator spends less than 5 hours per week on the business, which offers a new buyer multiple opportunities for expansion. This includes product-line, marketing, and sales-channel expansion as well as logistics optimization to save on expenses.

All reasonable offers will be considered. This business is not SBA eligible (it’s too small). Cash offers and quick timelines to close will be prioritized.

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