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Started in 2018, this business sells innovative cleaning products for hot tubs and spas. All products are made in the USA and the proprietary formulations provide superior effectiveness over competitors. 84% of sales are on Amazon, where they have over 10,500 reviews averaging 4.3 stars.

The seller has put a great deal of care into his processes and procedures to build a foundation that’s ready to scale. All current sales come from 7 SKUs; they have 4 new products already in process and a roadmap of product ideas scheduled to launch over the next year. The brand has approvals to sell on Amazon in three gated categories, which opens the door for future product expansion and helps to insulate the brand from competitors.

Two assistants are cross-trained and handle day-to-day operational tasks. The business has established relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. Supply chain redundancy has been built-in on every level to lower COGs in the future and prevent future stock-outs. The sale is all-inclusive with many bonuses, such as a separate content site/blog in the hot tub niche, 15 high-quality domain names, 8 registered trademarks, a patent-pending new packaging design, and more.

Growth opportunities are endless. Launch the new products that the seller has already in progress, or expand their wholesale/dealer program from the existing framework. Margins are high, presenting an opportunity to optimize ad spend, or grow sales off Amazon and in new markets. These are a few of the many opportunities outlined by the seller. The seller is committed to an exceptional transition and will fully train the new owner.

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Meet Your Advisor

Elaine Eason

Elaine is passionate about entrepreneurship and has a track record of success in online business. She started her first profitable eCommerce business on Etsy in 2009 and has built 3 more businesses since, including a content site, an online subscription service, and a multi-million dollar eCommerce brand. She exited her most recent venture with Quiet Light brokering the deal.

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