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Started in 2019, this natural skincare brand sells a product that addresses a specific condition. They sell exclusively in the United States via their own Shopify website as well as Amazon. Founded by a father-son duo, the brand has a great story and foundation for future success. They have developed a loyal following through paid advertising, word-of-mouth growth, and a formula that works for the prevention and repair of a specific condition. Customers who suffer from this ailment find relief with this product, and the returning customer rate is 23%.

The business is operated entirely remotely; the owners work an average of 15 hours a week combined. All storage, logistics, and fulfillment outside of Amazon is outsourced to a reliable 3PL. With solid supplier relationships in place and just one product, this is an easy business to operate and understand.

Gross margins are approximately 80%, and there are many opportunities to scale the business. The condition it targets is prevalent in Europe, indicating a huge opportunity for expansion internationally. A focus on diversifying and expanding additional marketing channels such as email marketing, affiliate, or wholesale could further increase sales. A new owner could also expand the product line to target other skin conditions using existing supplier connections and the existing customer base.

The sellers are dedicated to seeing the brand continue to thrive and will offer post-sale training and support to ensure a successful transition.

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Elaine is passionate about entrepreneurship and has a track record of success in online business. She started her first profitable eCommerce business on Etsy in 2009 and has built 3 more businesses since, including a content site, an online subscription service, and a multi-million dollar eCommerce brand. She exited her most recent venture with Quiet Light brokering the deal.

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