SBA Pre-Qual – 11 Yr Old Digital Mktg Agency, Reputation Mgmt – 75% Repeat – 28% Rev/25% SDE Growth







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Established in 2011, this seasoned digital marketing agency specializes in online reputation management and has enjoyed ~75% repeat customers over the TTM. The company helps close to 4,000 monthly users, with 68% B2B vs 32% B2C clientele, define and protect their images online. They have specialized methods that work well for ranking positive press and content online, proprietary methods for fixing Google autocomplete predictions, relationships to remove content directly through the website owners, and have a reputation monitoring software in beta to RC1 form. The company is tremendously profitable, with TTM SDE of $1,668,758, representing an astounding 65% net profit margin. Growth trends are extremely positive with 28% and 25% YOY TTM revenue and SDE respectively.

Growth and scalability opportunities for this business are immense, including building out a sales floor, expanding referral sources (i.e. law and PR firms), hiring third party lead services, investing in SEO content and radio and tv commercials. When they’ve tried paid advertising, the results have been phenomenal, experiencing a 5x return on investment, but they need to bolster the staff to handle that type of influx.

One of the two owners has been in the industry for 11 years and is ready to focus on other projects and start new ones, while the other owner is open to staying with the new ownership or transitioning out. **The business is SBA pre-qualified for the $5,000,000 max for a qualified buyer.

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Chris Wozniak

Chris has been a business broker for the past 17 years, representing hundreds of sellers, and having earned the accreditations of Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary and Certified Business Intermediary. Chris also created and sold his first e-commerce businesses in 2003, and has since purchased an affiliate marketing site, created multiple content sites and an Amazon FBA business. He joined Quiet Light to merge these two passions and help online business owners reach their exit goals.

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