3 Yr Old FBA Private Label Biz, Home/Garden – $511K SDE, 3.75X – 228% YoY Rev & 531% YoY SDE Growth







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Started in January of 2019, this Amazon FBA, private label brand was created to promote tools and accessories in the home and garden niche. Their products, tools and accessories are carefully designed to deliver the highest level of functionality and form at competitive pricing. The customized nature of the design and functionality sets their products apart from the competition. With the gradual introduction of 32 existing SKUs over the last 3 years, the business has witnessed 228% YOY revenue and 531% YOY SDE growth in the trailing twelve months.

The owner’s strategy for this brand has been to introduce medium demand, low competition products, which he has dubbed “no launch products”, as they are the type of products that show up at the top of Amazon page 1 almost immediately after launch. One of the most immediate growth opportunities is a “gold mine” list of comprehensive, vetted products that follow the same medium demand, low competition strategy. With these yet-to-be launched products in various stages of vetting and sampling, and some even in production and at sea, a new owner could begin launching new products almost immediately.

The owner’s strengths and interests lie in creating and building a business from zero to a couple million, as opposed to scaling growth/operations for a next phase of growth, which is why he believes a new owner is needed for the business to realize its full potential. ***No SBA financing available.

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