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Established in 2010 and acquired in 2017, this Amazon FBA business has a small product line focused on animal conservation. Supporting these animals is not only a great way to sustain nature, but also comes with the major benefit of pest reduction in the area, specifically mosquitos.

The main product in this line has the second most reviews on Amazon for any product in this niche at 1,300+ reviews at 4.8 stars. The leader is not that far ahead with 1,600+ reviews. Additionally, one of the products in the line is uniquely certified by the largest organization in the niche and another product is proprietary. Currently, all sales are organic as no marketing has been done in the past 12 months. Becoming the industry leader is well within reach.

Although sales mostly come from Amazon (87%), the business’s website contains a wealth of information to help educate users in this passion niche.

The business does not require any staff and the owner currently only spends a few hours a week working on the business – processing website orders, answering customer support emails, and handling inventory ordering when needed.

A new owner can easily grow the company by establishing marketing channels (either Amazon PPC or re-purposing the existing content to create off-Amazon funnels such as through Facebook), expanding the product line to similar yet different animal supplies in an emerging niche that can be done through the current supplier, and implementing a review strategy to become the dominant player on Amazon.

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