Amazon FBA Activewear | 23% TTM Revenue Growth | 2.85x Multiple | 5,000+ Reviews







Asking Price: $500,000 + Inventory

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Started in 2018, this trademarked Amazon FBA activewear brand utilizes a trade secret technology to offer unique workout gear to help people achieve their fitness goals through motivating them to go beyond their limits.

The business has been prequalified for up to $500k worth of financing. The term sheet is provided with the rest of the business information.

The owner has spent considerable time in product development making sure the products are the highest quality in the category, which can be seen by having the highest review rating compared to competitors after generating over 5,000 reviews on their products. This, in addition to being first to market in this category on Amazon, has led to a nice competitive moat in the niche.

This brand sets itself apart from typical clothes brands as the owner has been proactive about avoiding fashion trends and sticking with long lasting designs and products. Additionally, the 6% return rate is much lower than the industry average of 20%+. This has led to consistent Amazon rankings in this category over the years as well as the company’s continual year over year growth.

The current owner only spends about 5 hours a week on the business. All operations are handled by two assistants who manage the day-to-day tasks. Despite this low time investment, the company has experienced a 23% TTM revenue growth.

A new owner can capitalize on growth through focusing on launching already developed new color variations that customers have been requesting, launching new designs, selling in more marketplaces (especially on the previously proven Amazon EU marketplace), and proactively growing the currently existing wholesale channel..

This business is not SBA eligible.

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