Content Site – Ever Popular Dog Niche – Ad & Affiliate Revenue – 82% YOY Rev & 91% YOY SDE Growth







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Launched in April of 2018, this content-based website in the ever-popular pet industry was created with a foundation focused primarily on exceptional content and has positioned itself as a trusted source of authority in the dog product niche. Revenue is generated from multiple sources, with the majority of revenue split between Mediavine and Amazon Associates USA. This has helped the business experience 82% YOY revenue growth and 91% YOY SDE growth.

With 5,286 pages of content, the owner has intentionally chosen what topics and keywords to highlight, based on hundreds of hours of research. Having carefully assembled an outsourced team of writers with varying areas of expertise within the dog niche, the quality and usefulness of the content is second to none and in high demand. The owner has invested considerable time and money up front to create SEO optimized, unbiased, evergreen, and sought-after articles and reviews that search engines have rewarded with well over 65,000 unique, organic visitor’s per month over the last 90 days.

With the site currently on autopilot, the owner spends approximately 10 hours per week on the business. It’s set up for a new owner to seamlessly take over and reap the unseen rewards as the search engines continue to more deeply index this site over the years to come. The owner is selling because he wants to cash out.

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