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Asking Price: $14,900,000 + Inventory

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Online since 1999, this supplement business is well-established in a market that continues to grow. In the trailing twelve months, revenue exceeded $4.9 million with over $3.2 million in SDE. Approximately 75% of sales come from the direct website, with 23% coming from Amazon, 1% from eBay, and 1% from wholesale customers.

The current owner has a background in endocrinology, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and nutrition, giving him firsthand knowledge of the negative side effects. Knowing that many consumers prefer to avoid these side effects, he began developing his own line of products with natural ingredients. There are a total of 13 SKUs.

Investing in advertising is a clear path to higher revenue, as the current spend is negligible. With nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers and over 125,000 customers on the email list, it’s clear that the interest in these products is strong. Adding additional supplements in different health categories will provide a major boost in sales. These can bring in new types of customers, while also then cross-promoting the current product list. Thus, instant revenue with little to no advertising.

Additionally, there are two areas of growth the owner wants to (or wanted to) focus on for massive and exponential growth: Topicals (skin, hair, etc.) and pet supplements. Both would be complementary to the current products and thus, excellent “cross-selling” options to the existing database and customers.

The current owner spends minimal time operating the business, mainly focusing on writing website content. All inventory is currently at a 3PL and Amazon FBA, where it can remain or be shipped to a new warehouse. The owner is committed to a smooth transition and will happily offer training and support.

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Meet Your Advisor

Pat Yates

Pat is a seasoned entrepreneur with a focus on e-commerce.  In 2014 he struck a deal with Robert Herjavec on the Emmy Award winning show “Shark Tank”.  Pat grew a single slipper kiosk business into a multi-million dollar e-commerce focused business.  During that time Pat has done licensing deals with DreamWorks, NCAA, NFL and Disney.  In 2015 he struck up a relationship with Mark the founder of Quiet Light and continued eventually leading him to becoming an advisor.

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