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Launched in 2012, this trademarked, WordPress-based content site portfolio consists of two sites that focus on practical fashion and lifestyle advice for men. Both sites receive around 95% of their traffic through either organic or direct sources, have a combined 850+ pages of content, 600K+ pageviews in the last 12 months, rank for 150K+ keywords (according to Ahrefs), have 100K+ social media followers (with a majority of those on Instagram), and have about 14K email subscribers.

Monetized by 67% affiliate income, 31% AdThrive display ads, and 2% other, this portfolio is about as white hat as they come, with no Google penalties and no PBNs used as these aged domains have withstood many algorithm updates.

The owner has focused on differentiating the sites by publishing only high-quality and honest content, which can be hard to find in this space. This has resulted in strong customer feedback and repeat readers as the sites have become actual brands with large social followings, email lists, Facebook groups, direct traffic, mentions all over the internet, and cachet in the real world. This also helps explain why these sites have been mentioned in multiple major publications such as HuffPost, Men’s Health, USA Today, and more.

Both websites are run very similarly. They’re essentially the same on the back end, with mostly the same team/resources and demographic of readers (they just cover slightly different niches). In other words, the exact same process is used to create and publish content on each site. The only difference is which site each article is actually published on.

The owner is highly organized and has SOPs for almost all business operations. This has enabled the owner to significantly reduce his workload to 5–15 hours per week while both sites continue to publish multiple articles per week. The content ideas, actual writing, editing, formatting, graphic design, and publishing are all handled by his team.

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Ethan is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully built numerous multi-million dollar companies. He has sold and acquired a number of companies, one of which appeared on Shark Tank, and served as a broker for both buyers and sellers transactions’.

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