Education-Focused Content Websites, 414% YOY SDE Growth, 10M Monthly Users, + Unmonetized Opps







Asking Price: $9,989,000

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Established in 2017, this highly lucrative, exceptional portfolio of education-focused content websites concentrate primarily on the word finder and crossword solving niche. This business has become a leading resource for nearly 10 million monthly users. With an impressive 414% YOY SDE growth, this website suite features superior content that targets users who are seeking hints and answers for popular word games. The business is monetized through display ads and given the high number of repeat individual user interactions per day, this creates a very appealing model for advertisers.

There is a significant barrier to entry given underlying word lists are not publicly accessible and require appropriate curation. Their content strategy has proven incredibly effective. The SEO and content production is outsourced to a best-in-class agency and the in-house team leads the content framework. While a strong foundation for growth has been built with a solid backlink profile in these highly profitable niches, there is significant room for scaling with improved keyword rankings that will come with aging, continued authority incoming links, and an incredible opportunity to monetize the recently developed mobile app which already has 10k daily users. It is ready to be monetized for instantly increased profitability. They are currently in the process of implementing ads and a subscription model for the app which will become a revenue stream independent from Google search. This subscription app expects to see higher value per user due to the nature of mobile ads. Other paths to growth currently underway include a recent licensing deal with a well-known dictionary. This content is being added to the mobile word finder app which has greatly improved definition coverages for user inquiries. It has also recently been added to the sites and
now ready for optimization for search. These have monumental potential. Overall, this business provides expansive growth opportunities and the ability to continually scale.

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Amanda Raab

Amanda Raab is a highly experienced entrepreneur with multiple million dollar successes to her name. First introduced to Quiet Light Brokerage when she was looking for another business to add to her portfolio, Amanda quickly demonstrated why she is repeatedly successful online.

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