5-Year-Old Crypto Service for Businesses w/ Massive Growth







Asking Price: $12,675,000

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Started in 2016, this business was established to provide a much-needed service to businesses accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method for physical products. It experienced rapid success and has continued with consistent monthly growth for over 4 years. In the trailing twelve months, gross revenue was over $17M with a bottom-line profit of over $2.8M and does not seem to be slowing down.

He offers superb customer service which has set this business apart from the competition. With a high repeat order rate, customers have shown they love this service and often request additional product offerings and features. Responding to these demands should drive additional revenue growth. There never has been any paid marketing campaigns, email marketing, or any attempt to market the business.

Currently, the company is tripling its service offerings which should launch by the end of May. He has a team of 2 freelance developers who handle coding and are on call 24/7. The current owner works 5-7 hours per week from a home office to answer support calls and emails. This business can be run from anywhere in the world. As demonstrated by the current owner’s success, the business should be easy to learn, easy to run, and still has plenty of low-hanging fruit for continued growth.

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Ryan Condie

Ryan Condie has started 8 businesses, bought 4, and sold 2. He owns a lead generation software company, an FBA business, and is the host of the “Let’s Buy a Business” podcast.

In 2014, he started a candy factory from scratch which can now be found in Sam’s Club, Walgreens, and thousands of other stores. 

Ryan also spent 8 years in software sales at several tech unicorns but his passion lies with online businesses and helping sellers achieve life-changing events through their business exits.

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