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Started in 2014, this FBA business sells a traditional board game that is loved by millions worldwide. (It’s not chess, but that would be a great add-on!) The company has strong sales, solid margins, and a great reputation. In the trailing twelve months, gross revenue was over $3.4M with a bottom line of just shy of $1.6M and climbing. It boasts a 98% positive lifetime seller feedback rating, and 17% of orders come from repeat customers.

The current owner purchased the business just over a year ago. Although she had no prior ecommerce experience and had never played the game, she had the savvy to spot two key flaws in the former owner’s operation: stock outages and ad spend. Once she began working on the business, she identified several other areas that were in need of attention. By keeping inventory in stock, adjusting ad spend, improving shipping efficiencies, and refining the product, she was able to grow the business significantly and improve the bottom line.

Currently, the company sells a single board game with several size and style variations. The infrastructure is in place to add other popular games like chess, checkers, etc. to the product mix. Additionally, until recently Amazon was the only sales platform. Not long ago the website was converted to Shopify utilizing Amazon fulfillment, and direct sales are starting to pick up.

The current owner works 8-10 hours per week from a home office, while all inventory is shipped directly to Amazon and a 3PL in Southern California. As demonstrated by the current owner’s success, the business should be easy to learn, easy to run, and still has plenty of low-hanging fruit for continued growth.

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Chuck Mullins

Chuck Mullins

Chuck built his first profitable website in 1996 at 18 years old. In college, he studied computer software engineering which taught him the skills to analyze search results and implement strategies that took advantage of the observations he made. Throughout his career of developing, managing, consulting, and investing in internet-based companies, Chuck has developed a keen ability to spot opportunities and develop strategies that lead to growth and profitability.

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