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Launched in 2017, this upscale pool accessory business is seeing tremendous growth with a 102% increase in year-over-year revenue. With 12 total SKUs, the top three make up approximately 50% of total revenue. The vast majority of sales come from Amazon, with the remainder coming from the website and wholesale orders.

With backgrounds in product sourcing and ecommerce, the current owners have found success designing these chic but affordable pool accessories. In recent years their popularity has skyrocketed, in part due to features from big-name brands. Additionally, Instagram has shifted the consumer desire from fun and silly pool accessories to a high-fashion look that fits their aesthetic.

Recent Instagram influencer marketing programs have proven to be successful and can be continued to boost brand recognition and revenue. Adding biodegradable options would help to bring in buyers who are concerned about the environmental impact. Expanding the current product line into additional categories of pool accessories would also contribute to increased sales. B2B currently makes up a very small portion of revenue, leaving room to grow by working with event planners and adding retail distribution.

The current owners each work 2–8 hours per week, with the time commitment being the highest during the lead-up to the summer season. Inventory is split, with 56% at Amazon FBA and 44% at a 3PL; the latter can easily be shipped to Amazon or to a new location. The owners are committed to a smooth transition and will happily offer full training and support.

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Meet Your Advisor

Pat Yates

Pat is a seasoned entrepreneur with a focus on e-commerce.  In 2014 he struck a deal with Robert Herjavec on the Emmy Award winning show “Shark Tank”.  Pat grew a single slipper kiosk business into a multi-million dollar e-commerce focused business.  During that time Pat has done licensing deals with DreamWorks, NCAA, NFL and Disney.  In 2015 he struck up a relationship with Mark the founder of Quiet Light and continued eventually leading him to becoming an advisor.

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