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Started in 1995, this outdoor sporting goods business was one of the first ecommerce shops of its kind. Over 25 years later, they are generating over 22.5M in revenue and are continuing to grow. Revenue is generated through the company’s website (52%), Amazon (43%), and other sources including eBay and phone orders (5%).

The company currently operates out of a 14,400 square foot warehouse in Oregon and is ramping up operations at a new 6,000 square foot warehouse in Florida. The new warehouse will increase margins by greatly reducing shipping costs to the east coast. Moreover, it will open the east coast to Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime revenue which was previously out of reach due to prohibitive shipping costs from Oregon.

Until recently, the company focused on warm-weather adventure activities including paddle sports, climbing, camping, etc. They are currently in the process of building up their cold-weather offerings to even out the seasonal ebbs and flows. With a robust infrastructure in place, a new owner can further expand product lines, grow sales, and reduce seasonality. A new owner could also take advantage of the company’s excellent reputation and continue the progress they’ve made towards developing their own line of private label products.

This is an exceptional company that has weathered a number of turbulent economic times and is well-positioned for continued growth.

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Chuck Mullins

Chuck built his first profitable website in 1996 at 18 years old. In college, he studied computer software engineering which taught him the skills to analyze search results and implement strategies that took advantage of the observations he made. Throughout his career of developing, managing, consulting, and investing in internet-based companies, Chuck has developed a keen ability to spot opportunities and develop strategies that lead to growth and profitability.

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