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How to Claim Amazon FBA Reimbursements with GETIDA

By Quiet Light
| Reading Time: 4 minutes

True, Amazon may owe you FBA reimbursement. It’s not a trick question to ask whether Amazon owes you money, the trick is to find and claim the FBA reimbursement owed to you.

Easier said than done. At least if you try getting FBA reimbursement on your own.

You are owed FBA reimbursement when Amazon makes errors in handling your inventory. Hey. mistakes happen, especially if you’re a global online platform like Amazon handling hundreds of thousands of transactions daily. Sometimes Amazon automatically reimburses you for these mistakes. Many times it doesn’t.

In fact, FBA reimbursement can amount to 1% to 3% of your yearly revenue. If you make a million dollars, that’s potentially anywhere between $10,000 to $30,000 you’re leaving on the table.  

So it certainly is worth your while to track your inventory for damages, overcharge fees, and incorrect refunds that qualify for Amazon FBA reimbursement. And to file a claim to the appropriate department within 18 months from the date of each error. 

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Again, easier said than done. If you try doing it on your own or hire someone to do it, you’re expending time and resources that you aren’t expending on running and improving your business.

But you don’t have to manage FBA reimbursement yourself. There’s a better way.

A service called GETIDA can automatically scan your inventory for inventory errors and overcharges over the last 18 months that Amazon owes you as FBA reimbursement. The results are reported to you in as little as a few hours. Then, with your approval, GETIDA can submit a claim on your behalf and follow up to ensure completion.

If that sounds easy, it is because it is easy. And the price is right, too. No charge unless GETIDA gets back the money you are owed.

Let’s take a look at how GETIDA makes it easy for you to get your FBA reimbursement:

  • Who is GETIDA?
  • How GETIDA works
  • What makes GETIDA different
  • How to get started with GETIDA 

Who is GETIDA?

GETIDA started up in 2015 as a result of Amazon FBA sellers Max Borin and Yoni Mazor trying to figure out the best way to uncover FBA reimbursements and submit proper claims to recover the money Amazon owed them. The solution was a combination of software to find cases for FBA reimbursement combined with a claims team of ex-Amazonians who worked in the FBA reimbursement department. 

The GETIDA end-to-end solution was so successful, Borin and Mazor sold their FBA business to concentrate solely on helping other Amazon sellers recover their FBA reimbursements. GETIDA, which stands for GET Intelligent Data Analytics, went on to become the largest provider dedicated to Amazon FBA reimbursement, analyzing literally billions of dollars of transactions daily, with a highly knowledgeable and experienced team to manage the claims process.  

How GETIDA Works

GETIDA auditing software tracks your Amazon FBA inventory transactions, refunds, seller data analytics, and FBA reimbursements. It is free to enroll in this service. You get a report of the FBA reimbursements you are owed. There’s also an online dashboard that displays all open cases, case status and received reimbursements, as well as FBA inventory transactions, refunds, and seller data analytics. All in real-time.

It’s up to you whether you want to submit for FBA reimbursement claims or not. There’s no charge for this. If you do choose to proceed, your GETIDA  account team works the claims process for as long as it takes to get you the money you are owed. There is still no charge.

The only charge is when a claim is successful, you pay a 25% fee of the FBA reimbursement recovered. There’s no contract, no subscription, no hidden fees. GETIDA only gets paid when you get paid.

If you are owed a considerable amount of FBA reimbursement, that’s actually a small price to pay.

What Makes GETIDA Different

As a member of Amazon’s Service Provider Network and the Amazon Marketplace Appstore, and 2020 winner of the Gold Stevie Award in the SaaS Enablement as a Service category from the American Business Awards. 

In addition to its premier FBA reimbursement claims service, GETIDA sponsors a  range of seller education programs as well as Amazon seller events, available free or discounted for GETIDA customers. GETIDA also offers complimentary consulting services on how to grow your business. Also check out the GETIDA podcast Prime Talk, which shares seller success stories and tips on improving your Amazon business.

GETIDA can be your primary auditor or secondary source to double-check your own work or that of another provider. GETIDA is also constantly improving.  A never before seen error discovered on one customer account becomes something to scan for on all other customer accounts. 

How to Sign Up with GETIDA

To enroll at no cost, go to the GETIDA website and click Free Signup.  Provide the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • API credentials to contact your Amazon data
  • Billing information (needed only for successful FBA reimbursement claims)
  • A user seller account with limited permissions 

GETIDA reviews the previous 18 months of data to find discrepancies where FBA reimbursement may apply and generates a report estimating the potential amount owed. You’ll have an answer anywhere from a  few hours to a few days.

There’s no obligation to proceed. But if the potential FBA reimbursement is considerable, it’s worth having GETIDA handle the entire claim process on your behalf.  Plus if that weren’t incentive enough, you can get $400 in free FBA Reimbursements to try them out. 

Chances are Amazon owes you money for FBA Reimbursement. Chances are also you don’t have the time or resources to properly identify and submit claims for FBA Reimbursement. Why not leave it to GETIDA.

To make it even more appealing, you can get $400 in free FBA Reimbursements to try them out with zero risk.

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